What is it?

OptiTorch-Premium Torch-On system is a high-performance felt waterproofing system, comprised of the following:

  • OT-Premium Techno-58 – a polyester based waterproofing material which can be applied to suitable torch-on underlays as a cap sheet or used as loose laid or ballasted waterproofing on flat roofs for protected pedestrian access
  • OT-Premium TO3 Underlay – an economical, glass-fibre base waterproofing membrane designed for use in built-up roofing systems. It’s an environmentally friendly material with excellent performance and can be applied to a wide range of substrates
  • OT-Premium AR66 Cap Sheet – this provides exceptional waterproofing protection and is designed for use as part of an OptiTec Ltd Approved extensive or intensive green roof specification.

What can it be used for?

The OptiTorch-Premium felt system is easy to apply with the ability to install all year round due to it not being affected by the weather. OptiTorch-Premium also provides long-term UV resistance and contains special additives to protect from root growth. It’s suitable for:

  • Sites with hot works permitted
  • Flat roofs
  • Pitched roofs
  • Curved roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Areas of foot traffic
  • New construction

SA52 Capsheet

  • Flame free, self-adhesive application
  • Incorporates Borner graphite technology which actively prevents spread of flames on the roof
  • Tested as part of a system to achieve Broof Test 4 fire classification as certified by Warringtonfire
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility at -25°C
  • 280g/m2 polyester/glass composite reinforcement
  • Manufactured for exceptional quality using German engineering
  • Integrated ‘Safe-Seal’ laps to enable homogenous, efficient sealing of side laps

SA Underlay

  • Flame free, self-adhesive application
  • Easy to peel removable film
  • High resistance to foot marking
  • Low temperature flexibility at -15°C
  • Suitable for all types of roofing applications

OptiTorch-Premium Anti-Root

OptiTorch-Premium Standard

OptiTorch-Premium can only be used by a trained approved contractor.