What is it?

OptiFlex-Traffic is a fully bonded, seamless PMMA resin-based car park system. It is a cold-applied, rapid-curing membrane that provides a tough surface with up to 200% elasticity. With an anti-skid finish and a variety of colours available (subject to minimum quantity), OptiFlex-Traffic provides the perfect surface for vehicle traffic in either domestic projects or larger industrial car parks.

Key features:

  • Specially formulated for Car Park applications
  • 20-year product guarantee
  • 200% elasticity
  • Resistant to wind uplift
  • Full training and on-site support available
  • Suitable for all types of vehicle traffic
  • Can be applied between 0°c – 35°c
  • Full technical support team
  • Cures in 20 minutes per coat

Fully bonded and seamless membrane OptiFlex Traffic Car Park system is fully bonded to the substrate. The system is resistant to any wind uplift that could reasonably be expected during the products lifespan. Multiple applications OptiFlex Traffic Car Park system can be used for Car Park applications of almost any size or complexity. Fully trafficable OptiFlex Traffic Car Park system can withstand heavily trafficked areas such as Domestic Car Parks, Residential Car Parks and multi-Story when applied to spec.


OptiFlex Traffic contains isocyanates and flammable solvents. Always follow the instructions provided in the material safety data sheet and take the precaution described there. As a general rule, a suitable ventilation must be ensured, and all ignition sources must be avoided. This product is intended to be used only for the uses and in the way here described. This product is to be used only by industrial or professional users.

OptiFlex-Traffic can only be used by a trained approved contractor.