Reliable, Experienced Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors are highly skilled individuals, with a critical role in the success of your project, both aesthetically and in terms of performance. Laying flat roofing is a skilled job, and good quality installation is the key to a good and long-lasting flat roof.

For good installation, roofer training is essential, over the past 20-years flat roofing has evolved considerably, with an ever-expanding range of products in the market, including the hot and cold applied liquids, single ply membranes and single and multi-layer bituminous built-up roofing. An experienced roofer who has been specially trained to install the products you choose, meaning the roofer will understand these products, their benefits and limitations.

A Roofing contractor who is well-trained will not only be familiar with the application methods of the products they are working with and familiar with good practice for those products. They will also have an understanding of the regulatory requirements and be aware of the importance of how the products and accessories interact with other building elements, U Values, wind uplift calculations and the importance of compliance with the applicable standards, codes of practice and regulations.

Benefits to Architects of a Trained Roofer

To an architect, a trained and experienced roofing contractor will ensure:

  1. Good practice in Health and Safety with products and on the roof.
  2. Good quality workmanship, both functionally and aesthetically.
  3. Good practice with the products involved, or the particular scenario the project requires.
  4. Inspection of their work by the appropriate field technicians, and a willingness to ask for support when issues arise.
  5. The issuing of manufacturer warranties and insurance backed guarantees which give your client peace of mind.

Our Approved Contractors Scheme

Here at OptiTec Ltd we have our own approved contractors’ scheme, this ensures that contractors understand our products and are able to install them intelligently, first time and every time. Our approved accredited contractors have an on-going relationship with us and we ensure they understand our products and we provide them with continual training and support to continue to build that relationship. This produces the best possible outcomes for our contractor and specifier clients.

Only our approved contractors can install roofing systems that have been designed, supplied and guaranteed by OptiTec Ltd.  When you specify our products and involve OptiTec Ltd in the design of your flat roofing, not only do you get access to all the benefits of our independent product advice, design service and regulatory conformity, you also get access to the OptiTec contractor service.

What are the Benefits of OptiTec Product Training for Roofers?

Becoming an Approved accredited roofer in our systems and being trained in our roofing academy, means you will receive benefits such as the following:

  • An understand of the ever-expanding range of products.
  • Access to products and projects as an accredited contractor.
  • Access to product specific training
  • Hands on practical time as well as demonstrations.
  • Product specific installer cards to demonstrate their certification.
  • Experience with detailing during their training.
  • Awareness of the design and compliance service OptiTec provides.
  • Access to the OptiTec inspection service of qualified field technicians.
  • The confidence of getting their work warranted/ Guaranteed.
  • A Bid Support Pack for larger projects
  • A cost-effective way of growing their business.

OptiTec Training

OptiTec Ltd offer product specific training courses in both membrane and liquid application at our warehouse in Essex. We limit the number of attendees on each course to ensure each and every individual had sufficient time to demonstrate their ability and ask questions. Roofer training is essential to a well-designed, long lived and attractive roofing project.