We have recently completed a 600m2 project in Westminster with installation by one of our main Approved Contractors, Ridgewell Flat Roofing.

Specification – System Used

This project called for extremely durable yet cost-effective waterproofing to be installed, which made the OptiTorch-Premium Bituminous Felt System the ideal choice. Having been used in the roofing industry for over 50 years, felt has been consistently developed and improved, and still remains one of the most popular systems available.

OptiTorch-Premium bituminous felt is a high-performance waterproofing system that can be installed year-round, with excellent flexibility at temperatures as low as -25oC. This system provides long lasting resistance against UV rays and even contains special additives to protect against root growth.

There was also a lot of detailing work and some gutter repairs required, so OptiFlex-Rapid PMMA Liquid was used for these parts of the project to ensure a completely watertight and visually appealing result.

OptiFlex-Rapid is a quick-curing PMMA liquid waterproofing system with a typical curing time of just 20 minutes! It is cold-applied and is reinforced with 150gsm matting for extra resilience. OptiFlex-Rapid can be applied year-round and is a great choice for detailing and repair work as it can be applied directly onto most surfaces without the need for primer, which can often save time and money!

The Project

This project was a 600m2 warm roof design with a standard build-up including 120mm tissue-faced PIR insulation, and also consisting of: OSA5 Primer, Vapour Control Layer, Insulation Adhesive, Insulation, Premium Self-Adhesive Underlay and Techno58 SBS Capsheet.

Ben Ridgewell, owner of Ridgewell Flat Roofing, took on the project with Grant Jones (Co-Director) and his team, and completed the installation to their consistently high standards with an impeccable finish.

The Results

The overall completed look of this project is very tidy and aesthetically pleasing – thanks to Ben and his team for a great installation, including an OptiTec warranty of 20 years to ensure peace of mind for the building owner for years to come.