Worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

Sugar House Island is a new development in East London consisting of houses, offices, schools and hotels, creating a canal-side neighbourhood, bring together a community of 6,000 people to live and work.

Specification – Systems Used

The main contractor, Mid-Group, was looking for a durable, cost-effective roof with longevity, and wanted waterproofing systems which included a comprehensive guarantee, great service, and full support from the supplier.

With this in mind, the following systems were specified for use: OptiTorch-Premium and OptiPlan-FB, to meet the requirements of the contractor.

OptiTorch-Premium is OptiTec’s highly rated bituminous felt system with a choice of self-adhesive and torch-applied membranes that are resistant to high levels of structural and thermal movement. Within this specific project, the system incorporated a bitumen-bonded foamglass insulation, bitumen-bonded underlay and torch-on underlay and capsheet.

As well as a felt membrane, our OptiPlan-FB (fleeceback single ply membrane) was also specified, due to its light weight, high performance, and proven resistance to not only tears and punctures, but also to a range of weather conditions and temperatures.

OptiPlan-FB is a fibreglass reinforced, multi-component, fleece-backed synthetic roof waterproofing membrane, which provides a modern and aesthetically pleasing roof finish. The upper light layer offers exceptional resistance to weather and UV rays, whilst the membrane underside features a laminated geotextile fleece, providing both a separating layer and a surface for applying adhesive. Overall,  both system are estimated to have a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

Challenges Presented

One of the main challenges with this roof is that the design for the main roof was a non-combustible warm roof design, which resulted in a slight modification to the overall specification. OptiTec changed the specification to bitumen bond the insulation and use a pour and roll underlay to encapsulate the insulation to create a non-combustible felt system, this also created another sealed waterproofing system under the felt system.

The client was supported by the OptiTec Technical Team from start to finish, with help being provided on the design element of the project, and the OptiTec Approved Contractors, were supported by OptiTec Site Technicians throughout the installation.


Once installed, the client was very happy with the finish and overall attention to detail that the OptiTec team apply to every single job.

With the use of high-quality systems and a guarantee of 25 years plus, this roof is sure to stand the test of time.