At OptiTec, we recognise that quality and durability are extremely important when it comes to flat roof waterproofing. That’s why we only recommend our best waterproofing systems at our best prices for the projects we carry out – including this school in Essex.

Specification – Systems Used

For this project, we wanted to ensure a strong and resilient finish that would last for many years to come, so our Technical Team recommended the OptiTorch-Premium Bituminous Felt system.

The OptiTorch-Premium Bituminous Felt system can be installed year-round due to not being affected by the weather and it also provides long-term UV resistance and even contains special additives to protect from root growth.

This system was installed by an OptiTec Approved Contractor which ensured the client received the highest quality of fitting with the option for a labour and materials guarantee if required.

Challenges Presented

There were no real challenges presented during installation and everything ran smoothly. We have a technical team on hand at all times to provide support and advice where required so we can always overcome any challenges presented in the best way possible.


This project was completed to a very high standard which resulted in a very happy client with a brand new school roof that will last for many years to come!