One of our latest projects was for a school in Barking, East London. The school required new waterproofing on their roof and chose OptiTec because we have a range of suitable products to choose from, offering excellent durability and longevity at a great price.

Specification – Systems Used

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For this project, a long-lasting system was required with a Broof T4 fire classification for safety. Our technical team advised the OptiPlan-FB (PVC Single Ply) system for this project as it met the brief safety-wise, but it’s also excellent value for money over a large area.

The OptiPlan-FB system is a fibreglass reinforced, fleece-backed synthetic waterproofing membrane made from premium quality PVC-P, offering exceptional resistance to weather and UV rays. A great benefit of this system is that it can be installed year-round due to having excellent flexibility in cold temperatures.

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This system was installed by an OptiTec Approved Contractor to ensure the highest quality of fitting with the option for a labour and materials guarantee if required.

Challenges Presented

There were no real challenges presented during installation and everything ran smoothly. We have a technical team on hand at all times to provide support and advice where required so we can always overcome any challenges presented in the best way possible.


The results of this project are fantastic and the client has expressed their satisfaction with the professional installation of the system and the overall finish.