Desborough Road is a £7.5 million hostel development currently being built on the Desborough Car Park site; 58 new unit modular buildings have been constructed off-site and fully fitted. The new building will replace the Saunderton Lodge Hostel, which will temporarily house vulnerable families who find themselves homeless and will also have office space for a housing management office and for the British Red Cross.

Specification – Systems Used

The main contractor was looking for a durable and cost-effective roof with a long-life expectancy. Other key factors to consider were that there were no hot works permitted on the site and the chosen waterproofing system must come with a comprehensive guarantee, great service, and full technical support from the supplier… cue OptiTec!

Our team of roofing experts recommended the OptiFlex-20 PU Liquid Waterproofing System to meet the requirements of the contractor on this project due to its fast-curing and tough characteristics. With OptiFlex-20, there is no mechanical restraint to the substrate required, no hot works needed during the installation process, and it provides incredible protection against all weather conditions, so it was the ideal system for the job.

For this project, OptiTec nominated an approved contractor to install the system, allowing the main contractor to request a 20-year labour and materials guarantee.

Challenges Presented

This project is still ongoing and so far, no challenges have been presented. During the entire process, the approved contractor and main contractor will be supported by the OptiTec Technical Team to ensure that the job runs as smoothly as possible and any potentially challenges are remedied along the way.


At this stage in the development, the client has expressed that they are very happy with the current service they are receiving from OptiTec Ltd and are looking forward to seeing the finished project.