This project in Brixton required waterproofing on shop roofs and residential walkways, so a quick-curing system was a must to keep any disruption to a minimum for the business owners and residents.

Specification – Systems Used

The contractor was looking for a long-lasting and quick-curing system with an aesthetically pleasing and seamless finish – even on the most detailed areas.

Therefore, we specified our OptiFlex-Rapid PMMA liquid waterproofing system to meet all of their requirements.

OptiFlex-Rapid is our fastest curing liquid system with a typical curing time of just 20 minutes – ideal for projects with limited timescales. This system is cold-applied, reinforced with 150gsm matting and is suitable for year-round application.

Build-up & Life Expectancy

The build-up specified for this project consisted of our:

  • Self-Adhesive Primer
  • Self-Adhesive VCL (Vapour Control Layer)
  • OptiFlex-Rapid Liquid Base Layer
  • 150gsm Matting
  • OptiFlex-Rapid Liquid Top Layer

Overall, the system is estimated to have a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

Challenges Presented

The only challenge usually presented during an installation such as this would be the amount of roof detailing required. However, using a liquid system such as OptiFlex-Rapid made this process far easier, as it can be applied using a roller or brush for a durable and precise finish, particularly on detailed roofs.


As with all of our projects, our OptiTec Approved Contractors ensured a professional installation with fantastic results!