A living roof, mainly know as a green roof, are becoming increasingly popular especially for buildings in built up areas or for structures which need to blend in with the environment, many architects lean towards living roofs due to them looking aesthetically pleasing and the added environmental benefits. Living roofs provide a number of environmental benefits, especially in todays society when we have issues with air pollution and global warming. OptiLiving provides a variety of living roofing options, to accommodate a range of criteria and environmental requirements, our living roof system was designed with environmental biodiversity in mind, making our system suitable for a range of projects from commercial projects to domestic.

Living Roof benefits

There are many benefits to a green roof aside from being aesthetically pleasing. Below are some of the largest benefits from having a green roof.

Thermal Insulation – In the winter green roofs offer thermal insulation as they keep in heat from the layers of the green roof and in the summer the plants sweat, keeping the roof cooler. RECREATING LOST HABITATS – Habitats lost at ground level because of a new build are re-created to encourage wildlife and biodiversity in an area to flourish. Our carefully selected vegetation and our techniques we use to lay green roofs can attract specific beetles, spiders and other insects. Laying a green roof really is a science!

Reduce Stormwater Run-off – A green roof system will hold and slowly release quantities of water during storms, reducing the flooding effect caused by excessive rainwater runoff.

Roof Lifespan – A green roof covers the membrane of the roof and therefore prevents deterioration caused by UV rays. Studies have shown that a roof can last up to three times longer than a standard exposed roof.

Planning – A green roof increases the chances of having planning accepted due to all the great benefits mentioned. Also having a green roof and working alongside the ecologist can contribute to the building Research Establishment environmental assessment method.

(BREEAM) Reduced Sound Pollution – Depending on the thickness of the system, the layers of the green roof can absorb sound from leaving the building and deflect noise coming in, which is particularly beneficial in busy areas of high noise pollution.

Aesthetically Pleasing – Of course, green roofs look great and they can be designed however you want; whether that is to blend with your surroundings, be a great amenity space, or just something beautiful to look over from above.